Online Giving (GiveCentral)

How to Give Online

Welcome to the St. Catherine of Alexandria Online Giving tool powered by service provider

Here is the link to access the secure online giving platform for our parish:


Link for making your Christmas Gift to SCA:

Link for online giving for the Church Renovation:

 If you have any problems or questions, please contact: [email protected]

For new users:

Review the events listed. For each event you wish to participate in online giving for, do the following:

  • Select the check box indicating that you want to participate in that event
  • Select the appropriate “Frequency” of your giving
  • Select the appropriate “Start Date” for your giving
  • Select the appropriate “End Date” for your giving
  • Select the appropriate “Amount” for your giving
  • If so desired, you can add a memo for your own use

Follow the same steps for every event you would like to participate in online giving. When all events are completed, select the ‘Sign Up’ button.

The first step is to complete all the fields to create your user profile. When entering a username, the system will do a check to make certain that the user name requested is available. If the user name is not available, you will be asked to select a user name id that is available. Complete all the fields and select Submit.

The second step is to complete the information to select your payment type. Select if you would like to set up a Credit/Debit Card payment or Electronic Check payment. If you select Credit/Debit Card, you will see all the fields presented that are needed to set up this type of payment. If you select Electronic Check, a list of necessary fields will appear which will allow you to set up this type of payment.

When you complete the payment type set up and select Submit, the form will check to make certain you have everything completely populated. If a field is populated incorrectly, you will be requested to correct the field in question.

Once all fields are validated, you will get a confirmation page indicating that your online giving events have been submitted and you will also be sent an email (if you provided an email in your profile set up) confirming your giving events.

On the confirmation page, you will also get an option to view your account. To view your account, you will need to enter the username and password you provided when setting up your user profile.

When viewing your profile, you will be able to:

  • View and edit your profile information
  • View and edit your payment information
  • View and edit the online giving events you have selected to part participate in
  • View Reports, located on top of page, of your activity for the events you have selected to participate in. You can also create and export reports to track your online giving activities

The intent of online giving via Give Central at St. Catherine is to be a self service tool. The user controls the events they want to participate in, the method of payment they would like to use, and generating reports to track your personal giving activity.

Returning users:

When you arrive at the page that has all the online giving events at St. Catherine, scroll to the bottom and select the “LOGIN” button. Enter the username and password you established when you created your user profile. Once your user name and password have been validated, you will get a message to “manage your account here”. Upon selecting that link, you will be brought to a new login page. You will need to revalidate your username and password in order to access your account.

 Forgotten Username or Password:

If you forgot your username or password, please visit: Give Central and provide the requested information in the “Forgot User Name” or “Forgot User Password” section. An email will be sent to you with the details on how to retrieve your username or password.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact: [email protected]