Renew My Church

Renew My Church
Renew My Church

Four Catholic parishes in our area announce a collaborative effort as they participate in an Archdiocesan process called "Renew My Church." The four parishes involved in this process are:
Our Lady of Loretto, Hometown
St. Catherine of Alexandria, Oak Lawn
St. Germaine, Oak Lawn
St. Terrence, Alsip

What is "Renew My Church?"
"Renew My Church" recognizes the wisdom and the rich history of our four parishes individually. By sharing those strengths with each other, we can accomplish far more than any of our individual parishes. Together we will be able to share more fully in the mission of Jesus Christ. Centered in the Breaking of the Bread in the Eucharist and the Sacraments, and given direction, inspiration and encouragement through the Living Word of God, we envision stronger and more vibrant parishes that will nourish the gift of faith for today, and even more significantly, for future generations.

"Renew My Church" will help us in so many ways:

-Through helping us recognize how blessed we are
-Through helping people get through the tough times
-Through helping people find true joy in life and treat each other like Jesus
-Through building stronger communities of peace, justice and charity
-Through helping all of us to witness to our faith in our communities and in our world

Rev. Edward J. Barrett, St. Terrence
Rev. Thomas Cabala, Our Lady of Loretto
Rev. Michael J. Furlan, St. Germaine
Rev. Dennis Ziomek, St. Catherine of Alexandria